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Brilliant free software
17 May 2007
I have just had my third auction using AuctionSplash. Its very simple to setup and easy to learn to use. It allows me to produce some fantastic auctions, which I am convinced gets me more money for my listed items.

Auctionsplash runs on my desktop and all the information on my watch lists and bids comes automatically back to me without me having to log in and out of Ebay. It save me huge amount of time.

You create auctions using the ‘Create Listing’ tool that allows you to see the auction layout before you post it up to Ebay. They host all my pictures free of charge in supersize and have loads of cool templates, also free. My favourite is the black ‘Stars’ template.

There are four very cool things about Auctionsplash

It’s FREE and very easy to use.

It has a ‘Stats’ tool that shows you the best time to finish your auctions.

Its got ‘schedule listing’ tool that allows you to launch as many auctions as you like, on the day and at the time you want so that they finish at peak times.

It’s written by a small British company. All the other software seems to be American.
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