AuctionWagon Almost Destroyed My Business

A review of AuctionWagon Store Manager G2 by phoenixjn
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AuctionWagon Almost Destroyed My Business
24 May 2007
AuctionWagon is quick, efficient, and exciting, until it stops working and starts filing unpaid item reports against your buyers like a death machine on autopilot with no off button.

It gets even better when AW's tech team can't solve the problem, and there you are with a piece of junk consignment program and an answering machine full of angry buyers wanting to know why they received an unpaid item report.

But that wasn't enough for AW. They called me after I canceled my account, not to apologize for anything, but to see if I'd be interested in buying the program. Jokers.

For two weeks, I was fairly happy and excited about AW. It seemed to work well, although I hated the fact that it did not come with any auction templates except the one boring basic blue. I checked the "file unpaid item report after x days," thinking it would be a handy feature for those who didn't pay. I could never have predicted the horrors that would result.

The problem was AW stopped working altogether for no reason. It would not sync with AW's servers and thus didn't know that items were paid for. So it filed unpaid item reports and couldn't be stopped. It almost destroyed my reputation overnight. Thankfully, I came out of the nightmare without any negative feedback.

No more AuctionWagon for me. The business with relying on the synchronization with AW servers to work is too risky because if it doesn't work, like in my case, you're completely and utterly screwed. How are you going to do any real business if you can't sync with AW?

AuctionWagon is like most other solution providers: they do a lot of things well, but the things they fail on, they fail on miserably. Their only redeeming value is fantastic intuitiveness and efficiency. But how efficient do you want a death machine to be?

To this day AW has done nothing to apologize for the problem or correct it. Are you sure you want to try AW?
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