Good enough for the job.

A review of Turbo Lister by Mister B
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Mister B
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Good enough for the job.
14 Jun 2007
I have been using TL for several years. I have never had any real problems using it on Win 98 or XP computers. My problems were always with the XP system. Now that I have upgraded to an iMac I find that TL isn't available for their platform. VERY BUMMED. I found the TL to be an excellent organizer of the different templates that I developed for my auctions using only their tools. Their folder options are very useful for organizing. The TL backup is quick and efficient. The software is under continuous updating and improving. User fees are calculated automatically during the upload, halting the upload for user approval before continuing. User fee calculations can be accessed after the listing is completed before uploading. Listings can be prepared using html or theTL designer that automatically renders the listing into html, The listing designer can be accessed in html, preview or designer views. Users can design with the text designer and then the html can be edited for add on. Photos are eassily added to the listing designer. Over all because the TL is designed by eBay it is very efficient, thorough andf easy to use. It is very user friendly, especially for those who are not familiar with using the Ebay provided listing designer on the Ebay site. My only complaint was that Ebay charges 10 cents per listing to use the designer and then charges a fee for the listing. If TL were available for the Mac I'd still be using it.
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