A TRUE enterprise application

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A TRUE enterprise application
10 Jul 2007
I'm not sure what the last guy is talking about - this is a hugely powerful platform. Unlike most "eBay managers" such as Marketworks, MAS is first and foremost a true ecommerce platform. Call center, sales agents, SEO, wholesale, MLM, marketing tools, ebay, Amazon, yahoo, any price engine you could ever want, and much more. The $5200 charge is something I opted for as well - that was for a complete site design and implementation. It was totally optional. IF you are an HTML designer you can do it all yourself - it's 100% template driven and customizable. I thought it was very reasonable charge (actually a lot less than i was thinking!). It took about 4 weeks for a completely customized design and template build-out. I'm still amazed at the features I find every day w/ this software. Glad I found them.
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