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These reviews are out of date!
11 Aug 2007
Zoovy had a massive shift the business in January of 2007, David Steel (former CEO) left, and Brian Horakh (CTO) assumed day to day control.

Within 3 weeks the entire former sales team, and most of the customer service was terminated. New positions were created, a new org chart designed. Completely new heads of sales and support were hired shortly thereafter from outside the company.

Subsequently Sales processes were completely revamped -- for example proposals, contracts, and more importantly results! If a prospect needed us to build an elevator to the moon -- they did not get to become a customer.

We changed around our logo, branding, messaging and pricing model to reflect a new direction in our company, we stopped introducing new features and focused on making the ones we had work even better. We rolled out a new pet project Brian had been working on since 2007 called the BPP.

We also revamped our billing, and documentation substantially to make everything more accessible for customers. Created sales and tech support training programs, and implemented quality controls.

If you are going to chime in - PLEASE make sure you have recent experience with the company. Not some experience from 3+ years ago with a company that had the same name.

At the time of writing this - things are much better, of course we are still working day and night to improve things and repair those bridges with both former and existing customers - that doesn't happen overnight.

Not only that - but we're willing to prove it -- anybody that was a customer prior to 2007 who will give us another chance - we will honor ANY and ALL fees you paid historically towards our current service if you want to try us again.

I don't know what else to say, but we're sorry for the past and will continue to improve in the future.
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