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A review of Zoovy by ghostlake
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These reviews are "On the Mark"
22 Aug 2007
Zoovyinc describes all the changes happening...but as a Zoovy customer I have (and still do) experience all the same Zoovy complaints and problems including others not even mentioned.

Besides over-promising and under delivering, the communication gap between Zoovy management and its customers it is a Zoovy problem continuing to this day.

For instance, the fact that David Steel is gone, as so the sales team and customer service team was unknown to me until I read Zoovyinc's above post! In fact, I still have an open service ticket with Zoovy expecting a call back from David Steel!

You would think that given the dozens of service issues I've filed this year...someone would have mentioned the changes (at least to plead for patience and quiet me down a bit). But I have heard nothing, no email, letter, phone call, website posting...nothing.
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