Absolute garbage! (READ why I gave NOT 1 star but TWO)

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Absolute garbage! (READ why I gave NOT 1 star but TWO)
22 Aug 2007

First let me tell you a bit about myself:
I have been selling on eBay since a bit before xmas 2006.
I loved eBay, but was horrified that i had to spend so much time with it.
My sales margins vary, but I sell at low volume(due to time limitations).
I found this site and made this post: www.auctionsoftwarereview.com/forum-topic.asp?tid=589
I was using Turbo Lister 2, but wanted more automation and was not impressed with Blackthourne features vs Turbo lister to try it.
I finally decided to try MB and was planning on settling on it.

WOW was I wrong!

#1 It is HARD,VERY HARD, to use! The wizards take too much time, use too many pages and too little options. Maybe *IF you are REALLY REALLY DUMB* this software WOULD be intuitive for you to use! I was freaked out of the program for the whole week and I have been a power user for 15 years!

#2 Errors! This program LOVES giving you errors!OMG!
(listed in no particular order)
*It did not like my FTP (but finally uploaded to it - but could not use the images it uploaded). So it did not post those auctions.
*It does not like to post scheduled auctions! It was so bad that I asked it to use ebay's PAID scheduling and then it just got PISSED! So it did not post the auctions.

*Shipping? What shipping? Options for shipping BARELY exist! It mandates (FORCES) me to chose from 5 shipping options (offered by USPS and UPS - NO ONE ELSE!). I tried to go around that by using the same shipping option 2ce with different rates and it gave me a finger yet again.Oh and this time eBay got pissed on MB for trying to upload an auction with BS shipping options(that do not exist on eBay)and MB again gave me an error! I thought it might need to UPDATE a program, maybe shipping options have changed or MB programmers had extra 3minutes to add additional shipping info – or just general flat rate. NOPE! It did not post auction again.

#3 Tech support sucks!

It got 2stars cause it ATEMPTED automation!

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