Great Software If....

A review of CrossPostIt by powerseller
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Great Software If....
23 Aug 2007
First of all you need to justify the cost. $150 a month may not sound like much but it adds up. In a year you have spent $1,800! If your are lucky enough to have a margin of say 30% you will have to have SOLD at least $5,800 of consignment goods. For software that you really don’t even own.

I’ve used this company software for several months now. Has many glitches to even the basic steps for a Dropoff Store for an example they DO NOT support combined shipping for UPS or USPS! You have to do the combining yourself manually - what a waste of time. No real eBay Store support either - can’t even do quantity items. Support from one person - no manuals either.

There is more but I think you got the point. Lately with their ’upgrades’ that shut down the system for more than an hour on a busy Monday was the last straw it put so many bugs in that the system didn‘t even work. Bye Auction Sound.

Also keep in mind the this software is owned by a eBay franchise company - nice that you pay your competition and give them all the information if you market area is ready of another Dropoff Store. Hmmm.
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