Bad software and terrible customer service

A review of AuctionStealer by jewelry4me
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Bad software and terrible customer service
7 Sep 2007
I tried several snipe services and I found AuctionStealer to be the absolute worst. I missed a few snipes (out of about 20) and inquired politely why I missed. I received an explanation back that didn't really make sense, so I inquired further.

I got a message back telling me if I didn't like it, I could try another service. What?!?! So I wrote back and told them I thought their email was unprofessional and I asked why I was being treated so poorly. If it was operator error (my fault) I just wanted to know what I was doing wrong.

They responded again with a horribly tempermental email that contained borderline profanity. I can't include the response here because he'd have to censor it. Send me a PM if you want to see the response.

I wrote back to say that I was going to write a bad review for them. I went back to the site to find my account, as well as my $20 payment, to be completely erased. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

Stay away from auctionstealer folks.
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bad experience with AuctionStealer
5 May 2009
Totaly agree with you, autionstealer is terrible!
They take your money from paypal via e-cheque and due to the time it takes to clear you are locked out of your account once a month for a few days.
Thats not the worst of it though as during this time all of your previously set snipes are inacsessable , meaning you can't go in and cancel them if need be.
This resulted in me winning several items I no longer needed as I'd won duplicate items prior to the monthly lockout.
The emails from them need to be seen to be belived, they have no respect for their paying customers whatsoever.
I'm going to demand a full refund and give auction sleuth a try.
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