The best service by far...with lots of bells and whistles too.

A review of BidSlammer by jewelry4me
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The best service by far...with lots of bells and whistles too.
7 Sep 2007
I use sniping to buy jewelry, and good deals are scarce for jewelry on eBay so I need to depend on my sniping site. I tried several services (eSnipe, Bidnapper) and thought they were so-so. I was not really too impressed with the software. I missed bids here and there, especially with bidnapper. Customer service was ok, I guess.

When I tried BidSlammer, I was astounded. The bidding snipe time was precise. Software was very intuitive. I can move fast. They have a thing called Slam-It which is awesome: It sits on my toolbar and I don't even have to GO to the bidslammer site. I just surf eBay, and when I want to place a bid, I click SLAM-IT, and it asks for my bid. I enter it right there, and the dialog closes and then I keep surfing.

I use their bid groups, which can splash bids across lots of items and just win one, and then shut off the other bids.

And customer service? How amazing to get a real response, rather than a "canned" one. Very very professional and responded in about 5 minutes even.

BidSlammer, I love you!!! I would not buy on eBay without you.
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