Tired of the false information

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Tired of the false information
10 Sep 2007
Recently I told a friend about Shopster and they sent me a link to this site, saying they didn't want to try it. I think that Shopster is a fantastic service, unmatched in the world and would love to see my friends succeed in using it.

I think that people will have different opinions but some are just spreading misinformation. I've been with Shopster for OVER 1.5 years now and my issue with the above comment is that it is likely a lie but worded to sound real. Why do I think so?

Because 1.5 years ago - when "mortgagelady" started her site allegedly - Shopster was in beta testing. I know because i had an account. The thing about beta testing is that ALL users got an account for FREE, and FREE FOR LIFE as a thank you for testing from the company.

Now if you had a FREE account would you close it?

When you look up Shopster on Google you find all these other ads, slander the Shopster name and other companies trying to live off the brand name of Shopster. The internet is a great place for free speech, but how do you stop the lies and parasites?

My experience with Shopster has been great. Shopster is a unique business opportunity, you get to try it for free, don't let someone with an alternative agenda stop you from checking it out yourself.
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