This is awesome software

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This is awesome software
10 Sep 2007
Wow- whoever that power seller is below surely doesn't have a clue!

This software is awesome !The staff is Amazing! They are always enhancing to make my life easier! The upgrades they do are on a perpetual wish list from their current customers and they take care of us!

I am on 24/7 and have maybe had a 2 minute slowdown, because I was the only one on at the same time they were doing so. We have had a few laughs about that!

The cost is so reasonable and is the cost of doing business and with this software (at one of the lowest prices on the market) I can tend to other issues instead of software issues. All my sellers get paid and my cash flow is determined by me!
try using other software that you pay double the price and a PER FEE checkout charge...

You can combine payments through eBay and it will show up on this software and all one has to do is put the packng slips together and ship it out together.

If you want a smooth running business with the least aggravation - the AUCTION SOUND is the only software you will ever need!
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