Great software

A review of Terapeak Research by Chandla
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Great software
11 Sep 2007
I feel obligated to post a good review of this software because it has been so helpful. The staff is also very professional. I originally opted for a trial, which I did NOT cancel in time. I was billed, and rightfully so. So I contacted them saying it was a mistake, which they replied to (me not expecting it either) NO PROBLEM! They send the charge back. Now I'm a paying customer, and believe me... it's pricey. But this is what you need if you want to take this seriously.

Now for the Terapeak staff that are reading this

How bout storing all of your licensed data for an ultra premium service? Being able to go back through a whole year of auctions would be VERY useful. For instance right now I want to see th market for halloween costumes, but I can't REALLy see the market until this year is done with =(

Otherwise I can't fault Terapeak on anything other than price... damn it hurts... but what can you do exept use a service which delivers at 70%?
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