Buyer Beware! Possibly the Worst Customer Service Nightmare Ever...

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Buyer Beware! Possibly the Worst Customer Service Nightmare Ever...
12 Sep 2007
Resaleworld. A consignment software company that has created eBay "lite" of their programs. Salesperson told me, "eBay could go out business tomorrow and we would not be affected." It shows.
Downloaded Trial. Didn't work properly. Read the 412 Manual (outdated, redundant & clearly a cut and paste from their main program).
Problem persisted. Support got involved. Told to "reload" system. Problem: their are specific steps to remove/reload not addressed in 4" Manual. Reload unsuccessful. Tried another computer. Same problem. Told by support to upgrade to another OS. Spent $232.00 Same problem.
Told to "wipe out" my computer and reinstall windows from scratch and install OS upgrade. Same problem. Told to go into Control Panel and reconfigure default programs. Same problem.
Told something deep and mysterious wrong with my computer. While back and forth on the phone with techs, senior tech is emailing information after the fact. His tech is telling me do something on the phone, then support senior emailing telling me to do something else and that I'm not following their simple instructions.
Then when I cry uncle and become livid, told no further email support available please contact by phone. Called and voice mail, and more voice mail and more voice mail.
Then told that I have been given every chance to work this out and it must be my computers.
They will blame you for the sheer complexity of their program. They prices for collateral equipment is sometimes hundreds more what you get brand new on eBay. When I asked with help with their proprietary and arcane HTML macros was told that would be another $150.00. I only asked because parts of their program wouldn't work to allow me to see changes in my HTML template.
Another $199 to link to Quickbooks.
The link between their recommerce off-eBay website where consignors login to see sales never worked. And was told it was my fault.
When I asked for a refund, told not in their policy.
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resaleworlds software support system
28 Sep 2009
i also have and are still using this system. I have used it now for at least 11 years.I have always had a bad experience any time I had a problem. Never, never had I end up with a happy ending and be able to go and get a problem fixed and be able to go right ahead and be able to fix that latest problem is.O.K I moved my business and I had problems when i started everything back up with my Zebra LP2844 tag printer. I called for help because I am on a monthly plan to cover all problems. Told them that after I plugged in the printer it skips the first 2 tags and then prints all remaining tags after that.If there was only 1 or 2 items then it would not print anything. I bought everything from this company so it would be covered for support by them. Now they tell me sorry... the printer is out of warranty and they CAN NOT help but said to call manufactor of printer maybe they can help. Why am I paying for monthly support when they never can help me,for a discount on tags.
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Supported vs. Not Supported
12 Oct 2009

Our Support Contract (presented when signing up for a Support Plan AND can be downloaded/viewed for FREE via Support Center Downloads) doesn't mince words at all:

Any issues related to data integrity, corrupted data,
printer issues, or network installation will not be
covered. Training “over the phone” regarding issues
covered in the User’s Guide, Help Menu or Message
Board, is not considered a support call. If you would
like training on your product, please attend one of
our Liberty Training Seminars or purchase an
hourly training block. For information on training,
please contact the Resaleworld Sales Department or
visit our Web site @

We also keep all of our polices available to the public =

Unfortunately, when there's something that "isn't supported," Resaleworld comes across as the bad guy.
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