I'm Shocked! Finally a program that allows me make money.

A review of AuctionWagon Store Manager G2 by peakdixon
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I'm Shocked! Finally a program that allows me make money.
12 Sep 2007
I accomplished in 12.5 hours eith AuctionWagon what it took me 2 weeks unsuccessfully with Liberty4 Trading Assistants (read review).

Auctionwagon was purchased by one of the largest eBay drop off stores in America. They use the program so it must say something about the software.

Everything works just like is supposed to. I really am shocked...having tried others.

Their HTML/WYSIWG editor is awesome. I cranked out a HTML template, placed AW's HTML Macros where they should go...and viola!!...everything worked.

The interface is all right there in front of you. Their whole focus, and they tell you from the beginning is speed.

Like an assembly line, you take an item in, print off a contract (contracts have ID numbers and Passwords so your customers can log in and monitor sales), and right down the line to submitting to eBay.

I learned everything in one day. Manual is about 50 pages, unlike the resaleworld manual that's 412.

The Manual is so small because they have done most of the work for you. Nothing to say really. Just start listing and making money.

Can't say enough about this company. I don't work for them but the guys that work there are really fast with the replies. Live Chat is really helpful.

What more can I say. Download their 30 day trial and give them a shot. If you have a questions about them or the other programs that I used (my mistakes) contact me.
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