I've reached my breaking point with Auction Wagon!!!

A review of AuctionWagon Store Manager G2 by Cyrus
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I've reached my breaking point with Auction Wagon!!!
24 Sep 2007
This is just not the software I'm looking for to run my business.

1.) Only one predefined auction template

2.) No obvious user guide, welcome letter, or real technical support to assist in the set up of the software's configuration, or help with daily issues during the learning curve.

3.) No way to directly launch auctions. Every auction requires manager approval even if created by a manager which makes you touch every auction twice.

4.) Remote connectivity is absolutely horrid! The system runs so slowly that at times it felt as if I was on dial up. I would have been better off with GoToMyPC.

5.) The inferface looks cartoonish at best, and is not user firendly. Few of the tasks are properly organized and require several steps to complete after jumping around in the system.

6.) Auction Wagon is not VISTA compatible. I can't stress this enough! Try finding a laptop or computer at any local retailer with anything other than VISTA. If you want to run Auction Wagon, you'd better already have the equipment, or have time to wait for a mail order.

7.) Sketchy communications. My consignor notifications sometimes took up to 6 hours to reach my customers, and none of my auctions launched at their scheduled times.
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