Would Not Install-No Customer Support-Resisted Refund

A review of Onbidder by mr_redwoodshores
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Would Not Install-No Customer Support-Resisted Refund
14 Oct 2007
I purchased Onbidder from a reseller on eBay, the only reseller that I know of selling it on Ebay. The program was sent to me, but it asked for an activation code and password to install. The activation code and password that was supplied was not accepted. I emailed Onbidder for 3 months with more than 2 dozen emails and got absolutely no response. I actually began emailing them to get more information about their program before I paid for it and was sent to me. I called them up in England and got no response to their voicemail. I called and emailed the reseller and got nowhere with him, so I sent it back within the return period. I was unable to contact Onbidder or get an activation code that worked when I had it. The reseller then sent messages to Ebay claiming that I was using the program and now just wanted my money back so I could get the program for free. I had to defend myself from the attacks from the reseller. I finally received a partial refund, not a full refund. This entire process took 3-4 months where I had no bidding software. I want nothing to do with a company who will not even give you an activation code and password that works, but charges you for their product. If I had any problems with the software, I would never be able to get any advertised customer support. The trouble is not worth my time to fight them.
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