AuctionSound WINS!

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AuctionSound WINS!
19 Oct 2007
I tried AuctionWagon, and demo'ed Liberty4 TA before picking AuctionSound! I've been using the software for a little over two weeks and what has impressed me the most is their staff. No ticketing systems, chat screens, or emails, but real live phone support. After Brett finished my demo his sales manager joined us on the call to see if I had any questions, and I was even introduced to my customer support representative.

After a few more calls, I decided to sign up. I must have called them 5 times in the first week with questions about setting up my account and I always got through, and someone always answered my question. In fact, they even called me to see how things were going and tell me my account had been updated with their integrated DHL shipping which actually has better rates than what DHL quoted me over the phone.

The software is very intuitive and offers a lot of time saving features. It seems as though it was built in a real world environment instead of a laboratory. Of course there are some features that I'd like to see incorporated, and other things that I'd do differently, but all in all, I'm really glad that I chose AuctionSound because of both the software and support.

AuctionSound Wins!
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