It's like Google for eBay

A review of getitnext by bill020
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It's like Google for eBay
9 Nov 2007
As a power buyer/seller on eBay I have long been frustrated by ebays poor search engine and I find I waste lots of time filtering through junk on ebay before i find what I am really looking for. One day I saw getitnext mentioned in an article and ever since I have been using their search engine to find my items on ebay. With a boat load of unique and helpful features not included in ebays search engine, I can't find myself ever going back to my old fashioned ebay searches. Their websites search engine always finds me exactly what I'm looking for without including all of the usual junk and accessories that come along with typical ebay searches. Whether you are brand new to ebay or a power seller/buyer like me, getitnext offers a much better ebay experience. The best way I can put it is by comparing getitnext to googles search engine, its the best in the business!
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