Solid platform with many high-end features at great price point

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Solid platform with many high-end features at great price point
14 Nov 2007
We've been using BusinessFlow for 15 months on our B2C site and are very satisfied with it. It gave us most of the features of much more costly systems, but at a much lower price, so very good on features/dollar. The engineering team is solid and the system does what they say it will do, so my recommendation is to be very clear on your needs and schedule and get a formal quote in response stating what can be done and when. As with any engineering company/product, if you're not clear on your needs and schedule, and don't get a written commitment, you're likely to be disappointed.

As to the other comments regarding support: most of the support we get is delivered by email and non-urgent responses seem to get answered in 24-72 hours, if not same day. When we've needed urgent support (when we crashed site by uploading some bad code) they responded right away and restored the site.

The documentation we've gotten is a combination of an SDK and an online website manual. It would be nice if there were more documentation but what's there has been adequate for us to modify our site extensively on our own. When we've launched a new feature, they generally walk us through the setup on the phone.

The technology has been very reliable for us, and the only downtime we've had, other than what we caused, was due to a DS3 interruption to the server farm, not a businessflow issue.
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