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Hard to use/setup but worth it!

A review of MarketplaceAdvisor by 91CRxsiR
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Hard to use/setup but worth it!
17 Nov 2007
I've been with MW for about 6 months. The 1st 2 months were horrible
The trasistion period cost me some money because of the high learning curve.
Once that was over with everything is running smoothly. The listings are fully cusomizable with preset macros so you can give your listings a much more info rich look with out spending hours at a time on coding. The post sale management could a bit simpler but it works well with ShipWorks. The storefront has many features but is very hard to customize on your own and if you don't know HTML coding forget it. Pricing is a bit steep but if you are a mid-high volume seller it shouldn't be a problem.
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