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Have a lot of patience
23 Nov 2007
I have been using AuctionSleuth for the past few months. I would rate this software a 2-10 I gave it a 2 because it does occasionally work. Don't waste your money on this software without some significant improvements. These are just some of the short comings:
A. Consistently expect to see "not responding" on the Auctionsleuth interface. As long as 10 -30 seconds each time.
B. Auctionsleuth is barebones and everything is upgradeable for an extra fee (of course).
C. Expect this software to eat up 50% of your CPU power while just setting in the sys tray. I have a 3.2 Intel processor that crawls while running this software.
D. The Auction sleuth browser is slow and will stop responding for 10-30 seconds each time.
E. Don't rely on the snipe bid!!!! It doesn't always work and I have lost some nice stuff because of this software.
F. Expect the software search setup to malfunction and send you an alert on an item that may be days or weeks old or possible not even relevant to your search.
G. This constant annoying clicking sound coming across my speakers from Auctionsleuth. OMFG is this annoying! You could turn down or mute the speakers, but you will not be able to hear an alert if by chance it finds something.

I guess you get the idea. I also have tried to contact Auctionsleuth about the problems with their software and don't expect a reply if you do get a reply it will be something like "it should be working". You're right Bob your software should be working, it just doesn't. Hey wait, you could join the Auctionsleuth forums and ask questions there (NOT). Oh wait, the administrator for the site (Bob) won't add you and you will not be able to post a question. Actually, It doesn't look like anyone has been able to post or ask questions there since last Aug 07.

The bottom line is if you want software that doesn't work correctly and you don't mind pulling your hair out with no support from the developer this software is for you.
Good luck!
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