I love this program, and it has a SUPER support staff!

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I love this program, and it has a SUPER support staff!
26 Nov 2007
I've been using Auction X2 for almost a month now. The program itself saves me LOTS of time by importing my sold items, eBay fees, shipping charges, and customer email addresses importing my running items and watched items tracking overhead for my business providing marketing capabilities with a minimum of fuss and providing various reports and graphs that help me to decide on a viable business strategy to increase sales and optimize resources. It calculates my PayPal fees for me too. There is also a Price Tracker module that lets me track items similar to those I sell, so I can see where I land on the average prices paid by ebay buyers. Although I've only used Price Tracker a couple of times, it has already proven itself useful. I seem to find new features every time I use the program, and the User Guide is comprehensive and easily understood.

Auction X2 comes at a one-time cost, and there are no additional fees for the ongoing import function. I can update my running auctions whenever I want, to keep track of my selling activity. I'm getting ready to cancel another service I've been using to do these imports, which costs me $20 per month - yay! The cost for Auction X2 is very reasonable for the amount of time it saves me. The developers actively seek suggestions from users, and they quickly move to add suggested features. Best of all, any problems/bugs that are reported are fixed within a matter of, literally, hours! With a staff like this standing behind the program, you just can't go wrong! I'm really impressed! I highly recommend this program!
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