Zoovy vs Marketworks - my experience

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Zoovy vs Marketworks - my experience
11 Dec 2005

I just found this site, I was looking for information on Kyozou, someone had recommended them. Thanks to the kind efforts of the good folks on this site I will avoid Kyozou and I felt I needed to return the favor.

I sell on eBay, I am a gold Powerseller. I was using TurboLister and due to the number of auctions I was running I needed something better. I signed up for eBay's tools and quickly learned that was not going to do it. Right about then a Zoovy sales guy called me out of the blue. He hounded me for over a month, very slick and smooth - that should have given it away.

I signed up for Zoovy and started migrating some of my listings to them. I tried them for several months and finally bolted to Marketworks (MW).

By the time I left I was frustrated, angry, and poorer . The software would malfunction often and then I was left with the job of proving it to them. They would always start with the position that the customer must be doing something wrong. The initial position was to put you on the defensive and they had a general lack of interest in understanding what you were trying to communicate. Then they followed through with the same foot dragging, non-interested, "you must not know what you are talking about because our stuff is perfect" posture through out.

After many attempts I would finally convince them and they would elevate the ticket to engineering. Engineering NEVER solved a single problem for me. Listen to this - after weeks I would get a message from their service ticket system that the assigned customer service person has CLOSED because the it is RESOLVED. Reason given - this must no longer be a problem since the customer has not complained about it recently. I can not tell you how painful this was.

What the @*&^%#@ didn't care to understand was I could only migrate 10% of my stuff to Zoovy, the other 90% required those bugs to be fixed.

Type of problems:

- Listings not getting launched.
- More listings launched than the inventory on hand while overselling was turned off.
- This resulted in multiple sales of items I only had one of (majority of my items).
- Photos hosted by them not showing.
- People checking out without paying shipping.
- Never handled a single eBay dispute and hence never got an FVF through Zoovy
- Bunch of other problems that I do not care to remember.

All the while I kept wondering - most of my complaints were pretty fundamental type of issues - why don't they want to fix it, how could anyone sell using Zoovy without going crazy?

One of my requirements was to be able to open my own seamless storefront - this became a pipe-dream that I had no reason or time to try with Zoovy.

One other thing I learned. There initial minimum is a teaser. Everything is a package that you have to pay for extra - you have to buy multiple copies of some package if you have multiple users. The sales man was very coy about a lot of this.

After I had enough I briefly tried Total Auction Management, another joke. Then finally moved to MW.

Things have improved dramatically. Within 3-4 weeks I was listing exclusively through MW. They do have issues but I get timely, courteous service. I have a person I can call and she is great. MW system response is too slow at times. They are aware of it and are working on it. This has not been a showstopper for me. They are slow to add certain eBay feature and that is a nuisance but again not a showstopper. I am not 100% happy with them but I am selling same volume/$$ as last summer with 50% of my staff. For me they are an 80%+ solution. After I would say that Channel Advisor is probably the only better game in town now that I have learned that Kyozou is also a bad joke. I've felt CA only welcome bigger ($50K/mo) sellers. I might switch if I can grow 2-3X. I think MW will get me there.

I am getting ready to open my own storefront with MW, hope that goes well.

Hope this helps someone out there.


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Re: Zoovy vs Marketworks - my experience
11 Dec 2005
Great post tracker, and welcome to the site

If you could submit a rating and short review of Zoovy and/or Marketworks it would be very much appreciated!
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Re: Zoovy vs Marketworks - my experience
19 Dec 2005
Hi, I am a platinum powerseller and have wasted months of time and money trying, testing and evaluating EVERY single auction management software out there.

There is no perfect solution!

Here is some useful info:

Zoovy: Lyle, the slick salesman and the company's snake charmer, will take your money and you will not hear back from him until he smells money again! Their service sucks and their system is full of buggs. They charge roughly $500 per months in subscription fees plus 2% of your sales (with a $5 cap on each transaction)... Stay clear of these guys (money pit galore)

Kyozou: A canadian company with great visual appeal! The buck stops there. Do not waste your time or money. Their system is full of buggs and crashes every 5 minutes. They have severe shortage of features and their logic built in to their system is backward... It will make you feel the same way if you were driving in London for the first time! Even though everything is in order, everything is backward! They have another year or so to get their software together. Stay away for now.

Marketworks: A great company overall and a responsive, ethical one at that. They are getting much better in their features and functionalities but the system is bloated and not streamlined! Their cost is $500 PER MONTH PLUS a percentage of sales (negotiable). Over all probably the best in the market as far as price / performance.

Channel Advisor: A great company over all. Their low end platform is good but is missing some serious features (Dutch Auction multiple items, for examle)!!!

Their Merchant platform is great but starts at around $1500 per month plus percentage of sales. Still missing strategy based listing features that you can get with MarketWorks.

Hope it helps.


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Re: Zoovy vs Marketworks - my experience
23 Dec 2005
Tagzz summarized it very well. Just one exception I take, Zoovy and Marketworks fees are not $500/mo PLUS 2% of sales.

Zoovy has a $400 one time fee that they refund if you have $15,000 in sales within the first 90 days. This fee goes to training help (You will spend 30 days just learning their system).

Zoovy monthly fees are the higher of $100-$200 for a small seller OR 2% of sales.

Marketworks has a $300 onetime fee for training help, this is optional. Their monthly fees are the higher of about $60 OR 2% of sales. It takes 2 weeks to learn their system.

Both charge extra for image hosting but you can use a cheaper place for that if you like. Zoovy has a lot of hidden charges but if 2% of sales is higher that is what you wil pay.

The bottom line is that if you are selling good volume monthly you will pay a total of 2% to either.

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Re: Zoovy vs Marketworks - my experience
24 Dec 2005

I see you have tried a number of solutions. I agree there is no perfect solution out there. For the past three years we have been offering custom solutions eBay sellers like you who couldn't find the perfect solution. Unfortunately there is a huge cost associated with it.

Recently we have taken what we have learned and introduced a general inventory and auction management solution that is built upon simplicity and efficiency. In case you're still looking for a satisfactory solution, I'll be happy to to work with you. We encourage our customers to ask for new features and capabilities, and do our best to turn them around in record time.

Inventory and Auction Management Tools for eBay Sellers. Simple, Efficient and Affordable. Visit www.hungrygopher.com
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Re: Zoovy vs Marketworks - my experience
24 May 2007
My experience has been the complete opposite of the Tracer. I started with Zoovy 3 years ago. They have taken my business from the $5000.00 a month in groos sales that I was doing at that time to over $35,000.00 a month in sales today and it's growing. That's not just through eBay, that's also Amazon, yahoo, google and more. I feel like this is just the begining for my business. There is no way that I would be selling like I am now without Zoovy. No way.

I felt a need to write this because I just couldn't believe what I was reading. Tracker had some major problems indeed but much of it sounded to me like he wasn't setting things correctly in the Zoovy system. Anyway, there is no management company out there that is perfect and free from bugs. All I can tell you is Zoovy has made me a person that will never have to work for anyone else ever again. below are just some of my websites


Thank you Zoovy, you guys are the best.

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Re: Zoovy vs Marketworks - my experience
10 Aug 2007
Zoovy had a massive shift the business in January of 2007, David Steel (former CEO) left, and Brian Horakh (CTO) assumed day to day control.

Within 3 weeks the entire former sales team, and most of the customer service was terminated. New positions were created, a new org chart designed. Completely new heads of sales and support were hired shortly thereafter from outside the company.

Subsequently Sales processes were completely revamped -- for example proposals, contracts, and more importantly results! If a prospect needed us to build an elevator to the moon -- they did not get to become a customer.

We changed around our logo, branding, messaging and pricing model to reflect a new direction in our company, we stopped introducing new features and focused on making the ones we had work even better. We rolled out a new pet project Brian had been working on since 2007 called the BPP.

We also revamped our billing, and documentation substantially to make everything more accessible for customers. Created sales and tech support training programs, and implemented quality controls.

If you are going to chime in - PLEASE make sure you have recent experience with the company. Not some experience from 3+ years ago with a company that had the same name.

At the time of writing this - things are much better, of course we are still working day and night to improve things and repair those bridges with both former and existing customers - that doesn't happen overnight.

Not only that - but we're willing to prove it -- anybody that was a customer prior to 2007 who will give us another chance - we will honor ANY and ALL fees you paid historically towards our current service if you want to try us again.

I don't know what else to say, but we're sorry for the past and will continue to improve in the future.
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Re: Zoovy vs Marketworks - my experience
13 Aug 2007

How did you miss Andale now Vendio.

There are no transaction fees on the sales only flat monthly fees based on listings.

The technical & phone support is excellent and there is no setup fee.

Check on the URL (www.andale.co.uk)
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Re: Zoovy vs Marketworks - my experience
13 Aug 2007
Hi Bill, thanks for participating in the forum.

This topic is mainly about Zoovy and Marketworks, and all the posters appear to be in the US. Please try to keep your posts on-topic.

If you want to talk about Andale UK please start a new topic. Also, if you have any relationship with Andale/Vendio, you need to state that in any contributions you make.
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Re: Zoovy vs Marketworks - my experience
22 Aug 2007
Two cents (OK three) from a current Zoovy customer...

Good to know some changes are happening, they're needed. In my 18 months and continuing today they appear to struggle with the software (especially with eBay).

I originally paid $6,000 for custom templates, website, wrappers, etc. Aside from the templates not working (formatting issues), I currently have open "service tickets" for the following:

  • Zoovy Warehouse Manager doesn't work for me and never has. Warehouse Manager was a principle selling point...in theory after paying the monthly fee you get a desktop application allowing quick adjustment and launching of your inventory in an off-line environment. For me, it is non functional. Zoovy knows there is a problem, but say it will be fixed with the next version (No ETA). Ticket has been open 8 months and I'm still billed every month for non-functioning Zoovy Warehouse Manager.

  • An open ticket (several months) to fix a shipping bug when launching auctions to ebay. If you offer more than one shipping method (say Priority Mail and Express Mail) the listing will launch to ebay with Express Mail as the default #1 shipping method. Of-course, you then have to go to ebay and manually edit the listing because you shipping appears to buyers as too expensive. At this time, I can only launch with a single shipping option - if I want to participate in "Get it Fast", I again have to manually edit in ebay

  • After an auction, the buyer pays, and I ship. The Zoovy Order Manager software is supposed to update the ebay record noting that the item is shipped and the transaction is complete. This updating hasn't worked in months

  • An open ticket (since day one with Zoovy) to fix nonsensical gibberish from volunteering itself into my listings. This typically manifests itself as odd character strings such as: A?A?A?A?A? and its maddening to peruse listings and find them messed up. Zoovy doesn't have a solution, only limiting work a rounds. Ideally, they want you to format using Wiki - and advise that cutting and paste your descriptions (who doesn't) formatting likely doesn't survive the launch process. They do say that you can cut and paste from WordPad (powerful word-processing app) but in reality if you want to your listing launched quickly their software makes it difficult.

  • Another open ticket is the Zoovy software recently began skipping order numbers. I use order numbers as primary keys within my accounting software. When an order number is missing, we manually check every auction site to cross check records (time consuming). Zoovy explained the skipping numbers is now normal.
  • Last is the scant and dated information provided by the Zoovy on-line documentation. It is vague with very few (if any) step by step instructions or "how to" guidance. Zoovy answers that trainers are available to help with set up and questions. I am a do it yourself get fixed right away person, training is arranged several days in advance and you can be billed for time. If the issue is a software bug...trainers cannot help. They open a service ticket and one of the "mysterious developers" will look at it. I suspect all that happens is the issue get added to the list of "known bugs" to someday get fixed in a future version of the software.

    Now, not all is bad at Zoovy...some good things going on:

  • The Amazon interface works well - no problems
  • The Endicia.com interface works great and does save me time
  • Their service folks return calls and really do want to help.
  • Their system is never down
  • Shopping Cart works well (no Google Checkout) yet
  • and lots of others...

  • Don't overlook them, feature wise they are a good deal. If the bugs are ever solved...they could be a really great solution combining price and features.

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