Ungodly slow, lackluster features total waste of my trial money

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Ungodly slow, lackluster features total waste of my trial money
3 Jan 2008
Okay, let me start off that I was really hoping this would be yet another awesome addition to my research software roster. What it promises is search volume data, which would be nice with some supporting features. But my main beef is the main feature, search data, is super slow and hit and miss to obtain.

If you were using this to build your titles it would take you ages. Yes, you might have a little more "real" data at your finger tips, but Terapeak's Title Builder blows this things away. Like most sellers, efficiancy is key.

In order to use this properly I would have to use Terapeaks title builder, then search EACH word to see which got more searches, and if your a niche seller, many won't even register.

And EVEN THEN I would still give it 3 stars if the data collected was more broad. But basically, what it comes down to is they aren't using eBay data, because ebay doesn't provide search data, so they use data from their sales stat tool. This is nice and all, but they don't have a big enough penetration to make the data valuable.

Nice in theory, terrible in practice. I hope one day ebay releases search data so that we can get some accurate title builders, until then I'll just use Overature, Terapeaks builder and common sense.
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