This Website is ****

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This Website is ****
18 Feb 2008
Don't waste your money on this **** web site. I bought a years subscript for $30 bucks and it is completeley useless. They have very small number of categories and few sources per category. All of the sources they have are in turn lame.

Additionally, all the sources have their own web retail sites. This site is little more than an affiliate program where you get to sell the products these other sites are selling. The only thing is that here you have to set up your own store instead of just providing a link to their store. Your commission is the small net difference between the price you manage to sell their products at and the "wholesaler's" price. A big scam if you ask me. And if it isn't a scam, the site has so few sources that it is practically useless to anyone trying to open a retail operation online. Heed my advice and don't waste your money. You might be better off with I've heard they have millions of sources. Then again, I've never tried them so I can't vouch for them either.
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I have bought the Hienote drop ship directory and it is awesome! You are waaaaay off!!!!
18 Apr 2009
I have a membership with Hienote and I have blown away by the selection of drop shippers and the low cost to be a member. I have found several drop shippers that I am currently using and the drop shippers in the directory our some of the best I have found. I have used other drop ship directories and they don't come close to the quality of affordability that Hienote delivers.
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