Gixen is a legitimate service

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Gixen is a legitimate service
19 Mar 2008
I'm Mario Vodopivec, owner and operator of, and this is a reply to the previous review ("BEWARE GIXEN").

The company doesn't make (much) money at the moment, true, barely covers expenses, but this doesn't mean I'm a con-artist. Occasionally accounts do get locked by eBay, but this is result of their own software detecting logins from different IP numbers. eBay then automatically sends an email stating "your account was compromised". eBay support people that respond to your calls likely have no idea what caused the problem, and I'm sure some of them jump to conclusions.

As for the "common sense" question - how I make money - the truth is that I have a day job, and operate Gixen using my spare time at great personal sacrifice.

My name and address is widely available - and if any of these allegations could be proven, I'm sure eBay lawyers would be after me.

Why didn't this reviewer contact me first instead of starting a smear campaign here and on other forums?
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