Don't think of this as free software: it's certainly intrusive and offers no future guarantees

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Don't think of this as free software: it's certainly intrusive and offers no future guarantees
21 Mar 2008
There are some things you should know about AuctionSplash at the outset, in order to make an informed choice.

The main thing to explain is that although this software claims to be "Free", you shouldn't in any sense confuse it with open-source software... one of the many license agreements you've got to sign-up to says that the company reserves the right to charge for the software at a later date, or possibly to reduce your service level.

After your installation, you'll find the main screen has a huge banner with distracting, moving and flashing advertisements and at that time you'll find there is a paid service, which perhaps will get rid of it.

AuctionSplash downloads and installs in many parts. As well as that, you will be downloading and installing MS .NET Framework as part of the deal and a plug-in for FireFox to make it .NET-enabled. I have installed copies of Windows itself quicker than AuctionSplash. The installation system justifies their technology by saying that it allows them to give you auto-updates: hmm, for their benefit or ours? I wonder.

From registration on the AuctionSplash web site onwards, you're demanded several times to enter your e-bay user ID. I'm not at all sure why this is required: I entered a false User ID each time until the point I had to add a user to the application, and it did me no harm. The application screen itself says that your e-bay password is stored only on your local machine but for me, the kind of intrusive nature of the program gave me cause to doubt it.

Oh, and it seems they will send me their regular e-mail as well... there may possibly be an opportunity to opt-out later but it certainly wasn't an opt-in system.

There are lots of fabulous reviews on this site about the program functionality itself: I have no comment to offer, because at the point of the flashing advert banner I'd finally had enough and uninstalled it (partly manually, because their uninstaller doesn't do the job properly itself).
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