Don't Buy This!

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Don't Buy This!
1 Apr 2008
Just like the last person who wrote a review for this, I bought it & had nothing but problems.
To state it simply, it doesn't work!
There isn't really any tech support to contact.
I replied to the email that contained the software, but obviously, nobody monitors that.
I have no clue how to get a refund.

I think they purposely price it at 14 because it doesn't seem like a lot to pay, then when you want a refund, it doesn't seem like enough to make a fuss about.

In my opinion, they're scam artists & should be reported to the Better Business Bureau.

Hopefully, one of their employees will see this nasty review, contact me & get it working for me, but I doubt that'll happen =(

So overall, you'd be better off having a piece of celery monitor your feedback instead of this software.

(if someone from Atomic Feedback contacts me & resolves my issues, I'll return to this forum & notify you all)
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