worst decision I ever made

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worst decision I ever made
13 Apr 2008
Their "wholesale prices" *before* you sign up are not the wholesale prices *after* you sign up, they jack up the pricing on all of their items by 3.9%. They also advertised that you got to keep the difference between the sell price and the product cost but they wound up subtracting 3.5% from ALL of my profits! They don't tell you that until **after** you've paid a nonrefundable fee for their service. I had to file a complaint with the BBB to get Shopster to change their Agreement and get my profits back. Shopster admitted to the BBB that they had "overlooked some discrepancies" in their Agreement. If you believe that, then you'll fit right in over at Shopster, know what I mean?

Their shipping prices are extremely erratic and if a customer takes advantage of a bad shipping price, Shopster just cancels the order. They've done this to me. Shopster also admits that they adjust the shipping prices even though they don't own nor actually ship anything!? When I questioned support about the extremely low ship price of a large HDTV, they said they'll check with the supplier *after* one is ordered and change the shipping price then if it needs to be. God as my witness that is the answer I got.

Their inventory numbers were also very erratic, what had hundreds in stock one day was "Discontinued" the next, what costs $300 one day, costs $315 the next, I gave up complaining to support about it because nothing ever changed. Suppliers can disappear in an instant, so if you've set up your store using a supplier's line and they pull out of Shopster, you wake up to a store with no items for sale.

There are literally a host of other problems but I digress. If they had an honestly written Agreement and used honest advertising I never would have signed up.

Also, most of Shospter's items have a *wholesale* price that is *higher* than most stores' *retail* price! For example, a coffee pot Shopster charges you $40 for costs only $22 in most stores.

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