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Re: Infopia Marketplace Manager
23 Feb 2006
I use Marketplace Manager to list my eBay Auctions. I am new to the software, but am signing up with a supplier to drive my auctions.

I started selling on ebay last summer and now that I have found Marketplace Manager, I'll be able to do more traffic on
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Re: Infopia Marketplace Manager
5 Jul 2009
I do not recommend Infopia. If you have a business that stocks say 100 different items with great numbers of each one and want a way to blow stuff out, making your profit on shipping, then Infopia can work. Their webstore is very simple. You'll pay extra to get the webstore you really need. They charge very high fees to set up the basic ebay platform, with way too many delays for such a simple set up. They offer only limited interfaces with ebay, so, if you're used to selecting more than one category for complex merchandise, forget it. The system if full of bugs. Stuff relists when it shouldn't and you have to end it from within Infopia. It can take months to get help. We and others found that we lost control over our listings. And if you want SEO, contrary to what's promoted with the initial sales pitches, Infopia is not the solution. YOU will need to sign up at extra costs with a 3rd party company or hire a consultant or spend endless time doing this very complicated work yourself. If you don't have a tech background, you will need to get help. And the seasoned techs are having problems with this very complicated system. Right now, based on the BBB report, they are getting an F. We've talked with other sellers as well that are extremely frustrated and want out, which isn't easy once you've spent so much money and time to get things 2/3 up. Check out Kyosou. Other's have said good things about them. They also have much strong customer support (very important) and are more reasonable.

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