Anyone ever try V-auction Pro ?????

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Anyone ever try V-auction Pro ?????
20 Dec 2005
Hi All,

Has anyone ever tried out V-AuctionPro?? The salesman states that V-auction Pro will pay all the eBay fees ??? You the seller can list unlimited auctions on ebay US for a small monthly fee ??

Any feedback would be helpful. website =



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Re: Anyone ever try V-auction Pro ?????
21 Dec 2005
Wow, a company that would pay for all my eBay fees? Come on, think about it. How could a company stay in business by paying all your ebay fees for a fix rate? The purppose of a company is to make money. Pure and simple. The use of money cost money.

To pay your listing fees means that company has to not only recover those fees somewhere but also make a profit on them to contribute to the bottomline. They charge $50 a month for unlimited listings? There is no way that would cover the ebay listing fees. If it smells then it probably is "it"!
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Re: Anyone ever try V-auction Pro ?????
2 Jan 2006
Hi, I just took a look at their site. Where does it say they pay the eBay fees?

Their own fees are high: an initial signup fee of $125.00 plus $99.95/month for each tool. They have four tools.

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