Do You Want to Go Bankrupt and Crazy? Choose Laris!

A review of Laris by blur
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Do You Want to Go Bankrupt and Crazy? Choose Laris!
14 Jun 2008
Are you interested in having your business slow down to a grinding halt?

We have subscribed to Laris and have had a nasty experience with them. They will take your money and present you with what seems like fantastic support- which will dwindle down until critical issues (the kind which literally leave you unable to post) lie unresolved for months. If they were honest and offered a refund during those times that the software was unusable, their behaviour might be palatable.

When you sign up, look carefully for the User Agreement (which until now they do not present to you when you sign up) and which states that they may change their user fees at any time. They literally doubled our fees after we had spent a huge amount of time integrating and adapting to their system. They even denied a pricing agreement until we showed them our negotiated agreement by email, and then they claimed it was only for a limited time.

Don't even think of clicking on the help button. It won't work. Why not? Because they don't have a help section. They don't even have tutorials. They have a Wiki but it is extremely limited.

The shipping calculator is something out of a bad dream. If you normally offer free shipping and an option for paid upgraded shipping, Laris will not allow you to do this. In fact, if you offer free domestic ground shipping, you can't even use the shipping calculator to offer worldwide shipping (unless you offer it for free).

So why are we still with Laris? Because they have an integrated shipping automation feature that supposedly allows a dropshipper to log in and print UPS labels. I say "supposedly" because we've never had a chance to use it and we've been with them for months. Doesn't that tell you enough?

We're hoping that maybe they'll reform, get their act together and be nice. But it's like the Holy Grail- forever elusive. You think you almost have your hands on it, until the system crashes again.
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