Confusing Format, Poor Support, & Fails to Deliver

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Confusing Format, Poor Support, & Fails to Deliver
14 Jun 2008
I pay about $10/month, and will be discontinuing my subscription next month if Sellathon does not fix a *major* issue-- which is that Sellathon does not adequately track 'watchers' on my eBay auctions. The website *claims* to provide watcher tracking, as well as sniper tracking. However, in my experience, it does neither.

Given that the primary function of Sellathon is to provide this information, I find it amazing that after numerous complaints, the watcher/sniper tracking has not been fixed. Getting help, reporting an issue or generally reaching any sort of customer service is next to impossible on the Sellathon website, so I finally went to the message boards to see if I could gather any information there. From what I can tell, there are many, many other sellers who have reported the watcher problem, and still nothing has been done.

In addition to my primary gripe, the lacking customer service, and general slowness of the site in general make it impossible for me to recommend this service to anyone.
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