Through Pain To Gain

A review of ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces by Gareth
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Through Pain To Gain
16 Jul 2008
Very simple idea - enter the data and rules for use once - then use it in multiple ways on multiple channels from just one database. Damn I wish I'd thought of it!!

Always seems to be one step ahead of the competition and has great vision & direction from their CEO & eBay Guru Scott Wingo.

As with any software unless you take the time to set it up correctly then you will never get the returns you want. It is very much "Garbage In, Garbage Out". It can be quite painful setting up the system to operate to start with but once it is the results can be spectacular.

I question therefore whether some of the other reviewers dedicated the time necessary to totally transform their businesses. CA is not an "add-on" to your business - it becomes the core of your buiness and if you use it properly to manage your operation - and you believe it what it can do for you - then you will reap huge rewards.

Through Channel Advisor Marketplace we run 3 websites offering over 30,000 items on 3 different online selling platforms - ALL FROM THE SAME DATABASE and all through CA. Since using CA we have increased monthly online sales 17 fold in just 2 years.

The recent acquisition of Marketworks caused some support issues with regards to speed of responses but these appear to have been generally overcome now.

If you are looking for a system to list your items on multiple channels from one data source you will not find better than Channel Advisor - believe me - I tried a number of others before I found them!
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