Negative reviews not trustworthy

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Negative reviews not trustworthy
9 Aug 2008
I just started to use sniping software, and among the ones I looked at were JustSnipe and Gixen. After comparing the two, I decided to go with Gixen because of its easy interface and the site not asking you to register and provide gobs of personal information about where you live, etc.

After trying Gixen out, I find that it is simple and straightforward to use. The community on the forums at Gixen is very helpful and the person who invented Gixen and his staff are always there to help with questions, problems, or suggestions. Best of all, the basic program is free while an enhanced version is only $6 a year. Quite astounding and a really good deal. The author makes a bit of money from the program contributions, but admits that it is basically for self satisfaction in helping bidders.

The negative review placed here about an eBay account being compromised by gixen is apparently a smear campaign by one alleged user who used Gixen and jumped to the conclusion that it was the program that hacked her account. I checked out the original post on where this post originated and she later admits that she uses the *same* password on every site she visits. The most likely reason why her account was hacked was because it was not secure in the first place, and she probably was duped into revealing her password/ID from a phishing scam, or a bogus email that tricked her into revealing her information.

These programs claim that your ebay account has been compromised and ask you to "log on immediately to clear your account." Of course, it isn't really an eBay site that you log onto, but a crook who is waiting at the other end, ready to "phish" your information. According to the IP address she leaves, she isn't a user of Gixen.

The other negative review says that Gixen has "limited" their ability to use it without giving any specific details. Another one says they just went back to using something called Snipestreet...and the author of this post is "snipestreet."
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