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More stable in 2008 than 2007 but not by much -- It's FREE.

A review of Turbo Lister by
Phoenix, AZ United States
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More stable in 2008 than 2007 but not by much -- It's FREE.
15 Aug 2008
Turbo Lister is famous for being buggy, with different experiences by different users, which makes it hard for eBay tech support to resolve.

It is free - and it works 80% of the time. It's free. Admittedly, it is better in 2008 than in previous years.

Some of the issues I've had with TL2 are usually freezing/crashing of the application after making numerous changes to an ad frequent posting errors that are hard to identify and resolve (usually related to shipping or tax settings) without creating an entirely new ad an occasional corrupted database and the view columns are routinely reset to defaults which can be irritating.

I've used it for 2 years, for free, and am now ready to find a listing solution that is more stable and includes flexible templates.
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