Automatic re-listing of SOLD items

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Automatic re-listing of SOLD items
1 Jan 2006
Is there any program that AUTOMATICALLY re-lists both unsold AND sold items? The service has to be automatic and it has to re-list sold items, too.

Price range is not a factor, although I am willing to sacrifice bells and whistles for a few bucks/months.

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Re: Automatic re-listing of SOLD items
1 Jan 2006
Marketworks - You can also set it to adjust the start price of the relist by an amount/%age if needed. eg, if it doesn't sell, reduce by 5% for every relist until it does sell. If it does sell increase by 5% etc.
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Re: Automatic re-listing of SOLD items
7 Jan 2006
ChannelAdvisor Merchant has very similar functionality.
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Re: Automatic re-listing of SOLD items
9 Jan 2006
Kyozou has a very extensive auto-lister and auto re-lister. It allows you to specify exactly what you want relisted, how many times it should be relisted, when you want it relisted and if you want the price reduced.

For unsold items you can even specify criteria such as number of page views or percentage of cost to determine if the item should be relisted or not.

For sold items it works as part of the autolister and pretty much ensures the product is listed exactly when and how you want with very little intervention.

Mind you, you can\'t just use the autolisters as a seperate part of Kyozou. You have to be actively using the program to run the rest of your auctions.

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