AVOID AVOID! Great first impression, but tiny staff totally unresponsive, software major glitches!

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AVOID AVOID! Great first impression, but tiny staff totally unresponsive, software major glitches!
9 Sep 2008
I'll keep this brief and simple.

1. Stay away from eSellerPro
2. the concept of eSellerPro is a great one
3. there is no instruction manual for the software or wiki or forum to look up how to do certain things
4. their staff is tiny, disorganized, and they all work from home. this resulted in completely unaccountability for responding to my requests when the software would malfunction (happened all the time) or when features they had promised to install for me would not work or hadn't been installed at all.

In essence, if eSellerPro did what it promised to do I'd be very happy, but my story is that it's been over 1.5 years and they have not successfully got me up and running even though I've spent over 60 hours on the phone to England with them.

If I could shout from the rooftops I'd pound it into anyone's head to please save yourself the headaches. This product should be avoided at all costs. It looks good, the features it says it has sound great, etc. etc. but believe me as someone who has conversed with every one of their employees, seen the ups and downs of them trying to fix general problems with the software as well as my own particular requests, they will never have a fully functional product.

The way it's coded and written and designed is completely inefficient, even tough at first it looks friendly and intuitive. The fact that it's online based means you have to wait a few seconds when you click on ANYTHING.

Besides that, the main point is I started seeing serious glitches in the program and reporting them, and they would, over the course of several months, lose my reports 4 and 5 times. They of course have no customer support phone number. I had to beg them to call me which they only did on skype after a while. They would listen and nothing would get done.

When I would instant message one of them on skype a month later asking about the unseen-to problem, they would ask me to fill out an online report. I'd say I've filled out 4 reports on this issue. They would ask me to fill out a new report referencing the 4 report numbers I had made previously. I tried to tell them it's not my job and I don't have time since I'm busy shipping out orders to go look up the reports that none of them acted on from months past just to remind them to go look at them again.

It got to be so ridiculous, and I know I'm not the only one, that I eventually had to just give up. Due to glitches in eSellerPro regarding inventory SKU and quantity levels, Amazon cancelled my hard-worked-for Seller Central Account.

eSellerPro mixed up SKU's and master/slave product relationships so that it told me to ship out the wrong product. I'd be shipping what it asked me to but the customer had visually seen something else during checkout.

So now I'm banned from Amazon. It took me months to get that Seller Central account.

Same story for eBay. Due to eSellerPro constantly selling products for which a quantity was 0, and having to call customers and tell them it was in fact out of stock and my software messed up, and eSellerPro never ever successfully fixing this problem which was reported 1.5 years ago, ebay permanently banned my account and I can not ever register for a new account.

I've talked to the chief programmer and CEO of the company for hours and they are always nice and friendly and acting like they want to help, but I was literally stupefied at the lack of action and the fact that I'd remind them tens and tens and tens of times and nothing would get done. Nothing.

What accounts for this they said is that their company got popular and they focused on sales and getting new clients rather than making clients happy. Their staff was too small to handle any sort of customer service.

Please, please, I beg you, although none of the other ones are perfect, do NOT go with this one!

If you wish to contact me post in the forum. I hate to have to write this but I don't want anyone to experience wh...
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I would not judge eSeller by this persons opinion
1 Aug 2009
I have used ESP for many years and it is a WONDERFUL totally reliable program. The staff is SOO much nicer then the staff from any US company. Always willing to help. They might be a little slow to get a dumb issue resolved, but anything critical is resolved IMMEDIATELY. I have used many programs like Make A Store, Andale, Vendio, Zoovy, and have demoed Kyozo, Channel Advisor and Infopia. All the other big names operate with huge Glitches. ESP is the only big name I know of who actually cares about and corrects minor glitches at all. I could not say enough good things about these people or this product if you gave me a month to do it in. Changing systems is always stressful, time consuming, and involves a learning curve. In my opinion ESP is the only company which will really give you help to do it. Fashion Vault is totally unrealistic with there expectations. These people are ALWAYS ahead of the curve. I manage 5 ebay ids and an off ebay website flawlessly with this program.
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