Definitely Not Worth The Hassle!

A review of Frooition eBay Design by gmxauctions
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Definitely Not Worth The Hassle!
26 Sep 2008
As a client of Frooition I've had a chance to experience their service firsthand. The following review is my personal opinion.

They've got a design template that is unique but they are a nightmare to deal with. The entire company seems like a revolving door-you'll be quoted by a salesperson who will then disappear off the face of the planet. Then you'll have to deal with 10 different people who will tell you different things and then contradict each other until you go insane.


- Told the work would start in a week and then didn’t hear back for two months.

- Charged the wrong amount to our credit card.

- Tried twice to add false additional charges despite previous agreement with the salesperson. When we sent in documentation of the correspondence, they ignored it.

- Agreed to build a website but then told in the middle that the service was no longer available.

- Promised unlimited design changes but most of the time they literally stop working or responding. Their code is so delicate-it breaks with every minor change. If you fix for IE7, it breaks for Firefox, if you fix again, it will break somewhere else.

-After 12 months still getting emails from elusive "Creative Director" who has no clue writing asking for money for work that is incomplete or never done in the first place.

No one at this company speaks to each other. You could call them and one person will promise something and the next person will deny it. It is an unholy nightmare to deal with, especially over long distance. These guys are stubborn Brits- so don't expect American-style golden customer service here. They say they'll fix everything to your satisfaction, but when push comes to shove, they simply disappear. US-based clients should avoid the Frooition black hole at all costs.

Feel free to contact me at before you consider hiring this company.
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i got my ebay store designed for just 199USD from
9 Apr 2009
After having worked with Frooition for 6 months, i decided not to pay up the remaining 750gbp that i owe them for my eBay designs. 15 days is too much of time to wait for simple email response!
Thats when i met these guys.. and got EXACTLY the same template designed for $199

These guys are good.. Their store designs are pretty good for the price they offer and their customer support is amazing... Sometimes it pays to team up with small companies!

For more info, you can contact me at
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