Not "Standalone" sniper - just a windows-based interface

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Not "Standalone" sniper - just a windows-based interface
1 Oct 2008
I expected a standalone eBay sniper that runs from my own computer when I downloaded their software. This is not so - it's just an interface towards, and the real sniping is done from their servers.

I have two problems with this. First, I downloaded myibay because I did not want my password to be left with the third party, and then it's sent away to their servers. Second, this is slow - as every addition / delete / refresh is sent to/from the myibay server.

If they described accurately what their software does, that would be fine. This way I feel cheated - at no time prior to the act was I notified that my ebay password will be sent away from my desktop.

Now changing my ebay password and going back to JBidWatcher.
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