Best listing software

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Best listing software
1 Jan 2006
New to the forum but not eBay. I am having trouble with Turbo Lister and want to use a different software. Has anyone here any view on a good listing program?
I am in Australia and some software doesnt support , i list about 30 items a week increasing to around 100 items max this year.
Has anyone used SpoonFeeder or Andale, these are the two i am going to look at.
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Re: Best listing software
1 Jan 2006
Before you sign up for Andale , read the reviews. They probably got their act together but the fact that they had the problem in the first place is un-execuseable from an MIS Management standpoint. Read the reviews in Auction Software Review, there is a wealth of information there.

Most of the companies offer free trials but be careful because if you don't like what it does and you cancel, you may find yourself re-doing a lot of ads to clean them up. So, my adviice when trying, DON'T TURN ON all the bells and whistles of the new software until you truly understand what happens. Just because you cancel the trial doesn't mean your ads are cleaned up. Been there, done that, said bad words.

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