Simple, slick, good looking Sniper Site, and it's donation ware!

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Simple, slick, good looking Sniper Site, and it's donation ware!
15 Oct 2008
I was using for a long time, but i was very unpleased by their 'time-corrections' 'feature'.
Auctionsniper tries to estimate how long it will take to place a bid according to ebay server traffic.
This did not work for me! I had my bids placed several times way too early, corrected by this sh..... system resulting in lost auctions. I did set the snipe to 3 sec before the end of an auction but my bids were placed somewhere between 20 and 40 seconds early!
And they even charge for that!
And it looks like ****!

Then i tried myibay... what a difference !!! sniped absolutely reliable exactly 1 second before the set time resulting in 4 seconds before the end of an auction when set to 3 second before the end of an auction, at least in my cases. I can live with that!!!
It is a free - the webmaster states donations are appreciated - service that worked and works perfect for me, has many useful tools like an ebay watchlist importer aso. plus toolbar sniping, bidgroops and localization for many international ebay sites.
And it even looks great with its blueish, stylish interface just log in with your ebay ID and password
and you are there!

accurate sniping
nice looking interface
toolbar sniping
good FAQ based manual

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