AuctionSage - a real alternative to Shooting Star

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AuctionSage - a real alternative to Shooting Star
15 Oct 2008
With the demise Shooting Start which was an excellent Auction Management system, over the last two weeks I have been working closely with John the author of AuctionSage (AS) to get it to work in a similar way to Shooting Star (SS).

As background, I was initially put off AS because many of its features only work on eBay USA and UK. However after discussion with John and by experimentation, AS will work on any Ebay site if you only use the functionality that SS has. As a bonus, AS has many improvements that SS doesn't have.

To clarify that statement, AS will successfully download sales from any Ebay site including buyer address details, checkout details (postage, insurance etc), and more.

With Johns considerable help, I have now customised AS to work almost the same as SS, ie,
- I have setup the "Stages" that SS has. AS calls these "Status Folders"
- AS has form letter templates for emails and invoices similar to SS. They are better than the SS ones though as you can include html code to make them as fancy as you want, including graphics etc.
- I used the SS email and invoice templates to create AS equivalents (see below for a link to these). John created a number of new "auto-fill" Merge Fields to match the ones in SS. Sending these emails will automatically change the Stage (or Status Folder in AS speak).
- It is very easy to combine multiple purchases into one invoice
- It is equally as easy to either add non-ebay sales to an invoice containing ebay sales or to create a non-ebay sale invoice

One new feature that is a real time-saver is the Paypal Payment Processor (PPP). This will download any Paypal payments and process them automatically for you. All new Paypal Payments go into a Status Folder called "Paid by Paypal" ready for you to print the invoice and send a "Payment Received" email.

There are a number of functions that AS does a bit different to SS, but once you get used to them it becomes second nature. For example, when sending emails SS gives the option to send now or "store" the email in the outbox for you to send in bulk later. AS doesn't give you the option to "store" the email, however you can select any number of invoices and instruct AS to email them using one of your email templates. I have asked John to consider adding the "store in Outbox" option and he is considering it.

AS has many other features that only work on Ebay USA or UK. These include the ability to list auctions, similar I guess to the Toaster?? Others include the ability to modify running auctions (end auction early etc). None of these features were part of SS anyway, so if you're looking for a pure SS replacement then look no further than AS.

Some other cool features include the ability to import sales from non ebay sites. You simply setup an import template that maps the relevant fields then apply that template to your non ebay sales data. I used this to import my prior SS sales, so now I can truly abandon SS which I have done

You may think I'm "pimping" AS, and you're probably right . I promised John I'd do a write-up of AS and mention how flexible he was in making some changes to suit anyone who was familiar with SS.

I am currently running a "beta" version of AS that includes some SS specific email template merge fields and it works great. John will release this soon to the General public.

For those interested, I have loaded my templates that match the SS ones onto my server at the following url (Right Click to save to your PC if you want download them)

AS has many more features and the above is only an overview that hopefully will clarify that AS will work on any Ebay site provided you don't use it to list or modify open auctions.

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