A great Stock Management and complete listing solution

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A great Stock Management and complete listing solution
15 Oct 2008
This program is definately the best on the market. It has so many features and integrates fully , in real time, with Amazon, eBay, your own website and more!

It has a complete stock management system, from ordering from suppliers to sending goods out. It also has fully automated email systems. You can also deal with refunds, manual orders and add to orders, all with a few clicks of a mouse button.

Amazon listing is a breeze, it connects to Amazon, so you can check the latest prices, find items without even having the ASIN or barcode (by item title) and also features a great automated price checking facility.

The website is managed through the same console as ebay etc, so you only have to enter a description once. The designs for the website are great, as are the ebay listing templates.

The only downsides are that it is slow to set up, the implementation help is limited and sometimes the staff can be hard to get hold of. But having said that, no other solution offers neary what eSellerPro does, so these are niggles I can cope with and from what I have heard about other solutions, they all have these problems.
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