Feedback left upon PAYMENT

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Re: Feedback left upon PAYMENT
28 Apr 2006
Hi there,

You can try the Andale checkout, it has the inbuilt feedback manager in it.

You can activiate the feedback once the buyers leave you a positive feedback
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Re: Feedback left upon PAYMENT
14 Jul 2006
Have you tried the service located here:

I've been using it for a bit, and so far so good - i've even gone as far as adding some extra credits as its credit based. It seems pretty good, and has some good things that other sites don't, like random feeback comments from stored ones, or leaving of certain comments only when you are a certain role, e.g. buyer, seller or both.

So far I can recommend it, its fairly new I think, but either way it works. Apparently they are adding some new features soon, and from what the owner told me - he will also be making it free soon too, although he would not tell me how that would work though!
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Re: Feedback left upon PAYMENT
19 Jul 2006
I have always left feedback upon payment as well, as I felt that was the buyer's completion of the transaction. However, I've been stung recently by three or four newbies that didn't understand or care that they had any other recourse, like contacting me, to solve a problem. So now, I leave feedback for people with more than 25 feedback upon their payment. People with less than 25 fbs get my fb when they've left fb for me so that I know the transaction has been completed to both of our satisfaction.

It's not pretty, but I'm tired of people jumping the gun and assuming that I'm just another storefront that doesn't care enough to make things right.
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Re: Feedback left upon PAYMENT
31 Jul 2006
I odn't buy off anyone with no neg feedback (or at least some mutual withdrawls) I like to see how a seller would deal with complaints and errors.

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