We do not support Warez, and you should not.

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We do not support Warez, and you should not.
27 Oct 2008
You probably know that downloading almost any software from illegal Warez forums will get a virus to your PC.
So you have to download the software from myibay.com official website ONLY, this is the only way to get a clean software.
You can't just get a software from Warez forums and compain here.

As a matter of fact, getting any kind of software from Warez forums is not a good idea as you don't support developers and get problems for your PC as most of the software from Warez forums is infected with all kinds of viruses.

Additionally, here are reports from two big online virus scaners which found nothing in the software (feel free to compare MD5 checksum to make sure I did not fake it):
Please note that each of them has a big antivirus software list (including AVG, which I personally use too).
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