A complete waste of time and a huge waste of money!

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A complete waste of time and a huge waste of money!
13 Nov 2008
Don't be fooled by their sweet talking and smooth walking, this really is a waste of time. Been a user for a year now, never got through the implementation process, account management say they'll get back to you and take months for you to get a response, all the while you're losing hundreds of pounds and getting nowhere!

Really wanted to get this working, gave it everything we had, and then a software bug resulted in us getting the eBay account suspended. Never got back off the ground after that.

Hard to use, bloated software, a rip off price, wish we'd never taken the punt.

Now stuck trying to get refunds for un used time from them, and apologising to other local businesses we'd passed their way in the first couple of months who've now had similar negative experiences.

Outcome: I'm sure the software must work for some people, but it's certainly not suited to all! If you sell 90% on product line... ie 90% of what you sell are books, you may get away with it, but if you've got a bit of everything you've no chance!
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