Irrespect privacy and charge-as-they-like policy

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Irrespect privacy and charge-as-they-like policy
14 Nov 2008
I subscribed to Shopster on Oct 2006. After working for 6 months, as I am not able to earn a profile, so I decided not to continue spending time and effort on it. Even though there is 6 months left before the contract period or subscription period expires, I didn't ask for a refund.

But 2 years later, in my credit card statement, I found a transaction from Shopster charging me for USD329.99. I am surprised. Then I review my credit card statement one year ago (Oct 2007). Very surprisingly, there is another transaction USD 329.99. That means Shopster continuously charge me for two other years even though I never renew my service and never ask my credit card information. How can you store my credit card information and charge me without having my agreement!!! I couldn't imagine Shopster didn't respect customer's privacy by storing credit card information. And charge me without a written notice to me. I have never seem this non-sense behavior in my life.
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