LARIS Rocks and Provides the Support - Check them out for sure !!!!

A review of Laris by jpgorfeo
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LARIS Rocks and Provides the Support - Check them out for sure !!!!
1 Dec 2008
We joined the Laris program nearly six months ago, after some strong recommendations from eBay and Amazon users. Our company imports all musical instruments from all over the world, and we also sell throughout the world. We needed a strong back in system that can manage inventory, accurately list and relist sales for all our countries, and continually inform customers on the progress of their orders. But most importantly – the platform had to be highly stable. To say the least, Laris has exceeded our expectations.

The amazing thing is that we were able to load the system, start working with it, and seeing if the system was going to work for our needs BEFORE we spent a penny. This was just not a thing of letting us search on our own, but we actually worked with a representative over the phone while we were on to get our feet wet. Every other software system we interviewed needed a financial commitment before any trial runs with our company were given. The Laris fees were “most “reasonable after we signed up and have remained.

We have used Laris for eBay, Amazon, Overstock, and our own e-Commerce site. We have been able to integrate this with their shipping calculator for both domestic and international. The flow of money to our bank accounts has also been without problem.

All of the above would be totally useless if we could not call them at any time for assistance. We have a large staff and have had to use them for our complicated operations. This is where Laris shines. There is no chain of command, limits to calls, or saying that they were going to now have to start adding additional charges….amazing!
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